Monday, July 26, 2010

He's still a gas, gas, gas

We were in danger of missing a big celebration today until we heard someone shout ... Happy 67th, Mick!

When Paul McCartney was your age (just last year) he was performing "Get Back" from the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater so we thought we'd ask: Have you done anything crazy like that lately?  We're guessing you probably have Sir Paul beat on the crazy front.  No matter.

Ageless rockers like you help us stay young and we are eternally grateful. One day it may become a parody, but right now we're rockin' right there beside you.  The only difference is you're still fronting one of the greatest rock bands in the history of the world and we're just trying to keep our knees from buckling.

Nothing but Stones goes in the player today because Jumpin' Jack Flash is gas, gas, gas!


  1. 找一個懂妳的人也期許自己做一個人懂別人的人~.........................................

  2. In 30 years, I can see it now.......all us boomers sittin in the nursing home, singing "Under my Thumb, Sympathy for the Devil,Emotional Rescue, Start Me Up"....{just to name a few of my favs}as we are whipping around in our scouter chairs, and walkers....cause we "Can't Get No Satisfaction" anymore, and "Time is NOT on our Side".....