Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time to fire up some Cracker

Here's the first MPSB (Midsummer Public Service Bulletin) from Six String Sanctuary:

Check the tour schedule for Cracker and get your tired butt to a concert. I've circled Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa and First Avenue in Minneapolis as two promising venues. Hope to see you here, there, or somewhere along the trail.

And you might oughta be listing to "Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey'', one of the best releases of 2009. If that 11-song romp through the woods of punk'n'harmony doesn't convince you Cracker should be seen and heard live, maybe there's no honey left in your beehive.

Band leader David Lowery continues to fly under the radar, but his work on "Sunrise'' -- with some stealth support -- might encourage newcomers to go back and reconsider Camper Van Beethoven and earlier Cracker material.

You might accuse me of just flat giving up, but how's this for a summer anthem:

Turn on, tune in, drop out with me
The whole thing's coming down
So let's just get out of the way
Well I'm not paranoid, there is no conspiracy
But I swear Big Brother's watching me
Turn on, tune in, drop out, give up with me

The lyrics could have beeen written 30 years ago by Timothy Leary. The music? Definitely vintage 2009.

Here's the video.

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