Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I wish I HAD a memory

Twenty five years is a long time. A long damn time. Were you even alive in 1984? Do you remember?

We revisited 1984 in a recent blog to check back on Cyndi Lauper. We're back today -- only for a moment -- to see what the heck happened to Exile. Surely you remember Exile, the band that scored that colossal No. 1 hit "Kiss You All Over'' back in 1978?

Somewhere along the way Exile had a genre-change operation and re-emerged as a hit-making country band, which probably suited their Richmond, Ky., roots. And (once again) I apparently wasn't paying attention, because I was unaware they had piled up an impressive 10 No. 1 Billboard country hits between 1984-87.

One of those Exile country songs made it to the top on this date in good ol' 84: "I Don't Want to Be a Memory.'' That's a terrible song to say you don't remember, but...

(I blame Bruce Springsteen, who went on tour that summer after releasing "Born in the U.S.A.'' -- which did mighty fine itself, spawning seven No. 1 singles -- and I do remember every one of those.)

I'm happy to report that Exile is going to give me -- give all of us -- another chance. The band reunited last fall after 23 years and there's a new EP out there. I promise to pay closer attention this time.

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