Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 1969: "The Eagle has landed''

My friends at Red Beet Records in Nashville passed along this terrific video of Eric Brace performing "Tranquility Base,'' a tribute song to the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's walk. This is sweet. I last saw Eric at the Family Wash in East Nashville. Cool venue, ultra cool guy. He was on my old home turf over the weekend, playing with label compadre Peter Cooper in New Glarus, Wis., home to a brewery that produces Spotted Cow, Fat Squirrel and some other exotic labels. I'm sure the spirits moved them.

Where were you on that historic day? I was 40 feet off the ground, painting barns in Iowa while tied to a flimsy aluminum extension ladder. That was plenty scary. It was impossible to imagine being 238,000 miles from Earth.

Brace, who has been selected as writer of the week at, takes us on a smooth journey to "Tranquility Base.'' Enjoy the ride ...

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