Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I Love AirTran

I love AirTran Airways not because they got me on a standby flight Monday, because they didn't. But they tried, and they tried with courtesy and a smile. And while the Customer Service agent was making sure my bag got routed on the earlier flight -- just in case -- I saw her safely return a missing purse to a frantic traveler. At Hartsfield International. Thank you, Dorian, from travelers everywhere.

I love AirTrain because they offer $59 one-way online fares if you book in advance. And they don't penalize you for not buying a round-trip ticket. And they don't charge you extra for choosing multiple destinations. You can get the lowest possible fare for every leg on your itinerary.

I love AirTran because they offer XM Satellite Radio on every flight. You don't have to bother digging for your iPod; just have your earphones ready.

I love AirTran because they fly into SRQ, which may be a goofy designation for Sarasota-Bradention International Airport but you won't care once you've flown through there. It's clean, convenient and hassle-free.

I love AirTran because this summer they're going to have web access on every flight, meaning I can write this and post it while I'm in the air -- while munching on free pretzels.

I love AirTran because my baggage never gets lost, and I don't have to wait 30 minutes for it to come out of the chute. And because they only charge $15 for checking your first bag, you don't feel like you have to try schlepping it on the plane with you.

I love AirTran because they fly into the Twin Cities' Hubert H. Humphrey terminal, another hub that's easy to get through. Meaning you might have a chance to visit Fletcher's Wharf and meet Jacquelyn, the affable bar maid, who will fix you a fabulous bloody Mary with a beer chaser. And wish you a good day, a good life and a good eternity.

It's hard to do better than that.

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  1. A new survey puts Air Tran last in customer satisfaction.

    But I kind of agree with you.

    Does that mean we are innovators?