Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A man's gotta know his limitations

I was never much of a Corvette man. Not that I don't appreciate the classic American sports cars, especially the earlier Sting Ray models from the Sixties. They were sleek, fast machines, and the guys who were driving them didn't have any problem getting somebody in that other bucket seat. (Getting them out of it? I'm not sure.)

I mention this because today marks the anniversary of the Corvette. Yep, the first one rolled off the assembly line on June 30, 1953. I've never owned one, and probably never will. A damn shame, I suppose.

My "status symbols'' have included a Buick LeSabre, Volkswagen Beetle, Datsun B-210, Datsun 200SX, Datsun Lil' Hustler, Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Golf, Chevrolet S10 and, finally, the Nissan Frontier I've had for almost nine years. I guess you could say the trucks won out.

(I did have one toy: a 1968 Chevelle Malibu that was a great looker, but lacked the brute power these muscle cars are known for. It spent most of its time in the garage.)

George Jones is never going to sing about any of the vehicles in my junk heap. You can't that about the Corvette, which Jones had some fun with in his 1985 hit "The One I Loved Back Then'':

Oh, she was hotter than a two dollar pistol
She was the fastest thing around
Long and lean every young man's dream
She turned every head in town
She was built and fun to handle
Son, I'm glad that you walked in
She reminds me of the one I loved back then

She, of course, was a Corvette. And just like the girl, she was out of my league.

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