Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The girl I left behind

I had left my baby behind at Christmas. What a welcome sight to pull her out of the zippered case, re-tune the strings and give her a voice again.

And what a suprising voice she has for a little spinner.

The Tacoma Papoose was a going-away gift I received in 1999, before packing up for the move to Florida. It's the only new guitar that was purchased by/for me at Willie's American Guitars in St. Paul. Used guitars? That's a different story. As they say at Willie's, "cool used guitars is almost all we do.''

Driving through the Twin Cities without visiting the vintage guitar shop on Cleveland Avenue is like skipping town without visiting Grandma. You feel guilty for not stopping in to say "Hi'', and you wonder what yummy dessert you might have missed out on.

The Tacoma, 10 years old this week, has acquired a few nice "character scars'' over time. She is, after all, a traveling guitar. At least she was until I gave her a well-deserved vacation. She's a little rambunctious now -- cabin fever, I suspect --so I promised to take her with me on my next road trip.

It's so hard to keep them all happy, you know?

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