Saturday, April 9, 2011

We love this game

We're headed out for our first game of the season tonight, Cubbies vs. Brewers, Garza vs. Narveson at sold-out Miller Park.  It is sweet to live less than 10 minutes from a major league ballpark where the tailgating is second to none and the home team has designs on postseason play. The promise of April renews us all.

"A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz," Humphrey Bogart once said. How true. And the brats? Even better.  But we won't wait until game time for the first bite. They'll be sizzling on grills in the parking lot three hours before the game, and the beer will be flowing.  Can't wait.

Once inside the ballpark we'll settle in for another spirited border battle between the Cubs and Crew, the always thrilling Sausage Race and a stirring rendition of the "Beer Barrel Polka."

Wish you could be here.


  1. Never done it but sounds like something I could sink my teeth into. Five blocks from Lambeau and the tailgates fun compared to (I've been told by the family) Brewers or Badger games. Wish I was there!

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  3. I will get in touch with Captain Balfany, my daughter's husband (non-military title; just likes the way it sounds) and see about time and ticket procurement.