Sunday, April 17, 2011

A killer day for music makers

Happy April 17, a day that, if you’re a musician, it might be better to stay in bed. Why, you ask?

1960: Eddie Cochran “Summertime Blues” is killed when the taxi he is riding in crashes into a lamppost in England. He is 21.

1974: Sha Na Na guitarist Vinnie Taylor is found dead of a drug overdose in a Holiday Inn in Charlottesville, Va.

1983: Felix Pappalardi, producer and bass player for Mountain, is shot dead by his wife, Gail Collins, allegedly during a jealous rage. Collins, maintaining that the shooting is an accident, nevertheless goes to jail for criminally negligent homicide. Pappalardi, 43, had produced Cream’s 'Disraeli Gears' and 'Wheels of Fire' albums. He is credited as a co-writer of Mountain’s Classic Rock (and Classic Cowbell) staple, “Mississippi Queen.”

1987: Drummer and percussionist Carlton Barrett of The Wailers is shot dead outside his house in Kingston, Jamaica.

1998: Linda McCartney dies after a long battle with cancer.

2008: Danny Federici, longtime keyboard and accordion player for Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, dies of cancer. He is 58.

On a brighter note, born on this day were Don Kirshner (born in 1934, died Jan. 17, 2011), who was instrumental in developing the careers of Carole King, Neil Sedaka, Harry Nilsson, The Monkees and The Archies, and Victoria Adams (born in 1974), who later became better known as Posh Spice, then Mrs. David Beckham.

So anyway, be careful out there, and don't say we didn't warn you.

Al Tays is not a superstitious person. But he does fumble around on a guitar from time to time, so we told him to stay home and learn the chords to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Lucky Man." (For an acoustic version by Greg Lake click here.)

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