Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Toto recall

Interesting that when we googled "Toto" we got Toto Toilets, which offer free same day shipping and clearance prices up to 50 percent off! (Toto, the band, we disovered a few links lower.)

We take up this topic today on the anniversary of Toto's biggest night: the 25th Grammy Awards at Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  On this day in 1983 the band won six Grammys, including album of the year for Toto IV and record of the year for "Rosanna."

Three singles from Toto IV cracked the Billboard top 10, including "I Won't Hold You Back," and "Africa," neither of which we seem to recall at the moment.  And we sure hope Toto guitarist Steve Lukather doesn't read this because he seems to have little patience for slights.  Rolling Stone magazine apparently wasn't a big fan of Toto, even though it was planning to put the band on its cover.  It didn't happen.

"We were the only band in history to turn down being on the cover of Rolling Stone," Lukather told Nightwatcher's House of Rock in 2009. "We told Jann Wenner to stick it up his ass."

Lukather sounded very bitter in the interview, during which he also went after MTV and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (We're not taking sides here; for all we know they had it coming.)  It's water over the dam at this point. We're just curious what the rest of the world thinks of the band's legacy. We don't think they'll be HOF inductees any time soon, but there must be bigger slights.

Anybody for Rush?  How about Stevie Ray Vaughan?  Moody Blues? Cindy, a bar maiden at our favorite watering hole, has three words for you: "Bon Jovi, baby!" she said yesterday while refilling a pint.  "I've seen every one of their tours since I was 14."  Damn, girl, aren't you in your 40s? Have they really been around that long?  Cindy plans to keep the string intact in May when the band plays Bradley Center.

Toto doesn't even seem to enter most conversations.


  1. I'm not one to defend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but anybody who thinks Toto belongs in there must have been a member of Toto.

  2. Also - J. Geils Band was nominated this year and they did not get in. Way more deserving - on the basis of their first two records alone - than any of the bands mentioned and many that are already "enshrined."