Friday, February 25, 2011

A ballroom blitz

This Lucinda Williams tour is something to behold.

We caught her on the fourth stop Wednesday night at Turner Hall in downtown Milwaukee and we're still reverberating.  How can an acoustic show be this electrifying?

It can be if you have the ammo Williams used to fire a spirited 23-song salute at the sellout crowd, thumping the bass lines on her trusty Gibson J-45 throughout as she covered favorite after favorite from her impressive catalog while splicing in six new songs from Blessed (due out March 1 on Lost Highway).

Click on the following link to read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel online review:

We've never seen her in better spirits, and her big brassy voice has never sounded better. She actually sang the first verse of "Ugly Truth" from Blessed before stopping to acknowledge she was playing in the wrong key.  "I just got transported," she laughed as she capoed up one fret and started the song over.  She played just one cover and knocked it out of the crowded ballroom: Skip James' "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues."

One online commenter called it a night of "mutual love, respect and unadulterated joy" and we admit we were right in the middle of the love fest. We wish we had a video clip to share, but maybe something will get posted on YouTube.  Meanwhile, here's the set list (new songs from Blessed are in italics):

Opening Set:
Side of the Road
Lake Charles
Crescent City
Bus to Baton Rouge
Everthing Has Changed
Born to Be Loved
Ugly Truth
Well Well Well
Concrete and Barbed Wire
I Lost It
I Don't Know How You're Livin'
World Without Tears
Fruits of My Labor
Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings
Honey Bee

Hard Times
I Changed the Locks
Kiss Like You Kiss


  1. Lucinda rules...luv her. She owns a prominent spot in my car CD player. But I had no idea she was playing Milwaukee even though my daughter lives there; shit. On the other hand, all I've heard about from all three kids is the Drop Kick Murphys show and all are driving from throughout the state to see that show. It's gotta be a generational thing. I do like some DKM but they'll never get me to the city like Lucinda would.

  2. kickass concert, my first for lucinda ... wow!
    strumbum captures the best.

  3. She always did like you more'n she liked me.