Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There's no port like home port

Wish we could find Bob Dylan's original of "When the Ship Comes In" on YouTube.  There are dozens of cover versions, none better than the Arlo Guthrie performance we're sharing now. Just click here.

About the time the Packers celebration commences in Green Bay this afternoon the destroyer USS O'Kane will be dropping anchor in Pearl Harbor, completing a deployment that must have seemed like years. 

There will be joyous and tearful reunions for the crew of the O'Kane -- including IT3 Zachary J. Smith.  Wish we could be there to join the celebration, son, but there will be a time soon to catch up. Meanwhile there's something green and gold coming in the mail.

Now keep that special bar chip in your wallet...


  1. Welcome home, sailors. We salute you.

  2. Glad he is making it back safely.

  3. Thank you Zachary. If you make it down this way with your dad, the beer's on me.

  4. A proud and happy occasion for father and son...I had no idea. Thanks both for the service!