Friday, November 12, 2010

They can have their cake and play it too

Today's Birthday Band is an impressive group. Two of their songs listed below are included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. Can you guess them?

We'll help by eliminating songs by the Cowsills. OK, that really wasn't much help.  We loved the Flower Girl in "The Rain the Park and Other Things" but it's definitely not Hall of Fame material. How about we also toss out anything by Black Oak Arkansas, which may have been a cut above Molly Hatchet but still ranks near the bottom of the Southern Rock scale.

We see a half-dozen songs below that could make such a highly subjective list, but there are just two. Go ahead and hit us with your best shot.

LaVern Baker (1929-1997): Singer
Tweedle-Dee, I Cried a Tear, Jim Dandy

Roger Lavern (1938): Keyboards, the Tornados
Telstar, Globetrotter

Jesse Colin Young (1944): Singer, Youngbloods
Get Together, Songbird

Vince Martell (1945): Singer, Vanilla Fudge
You Keep Me Hanging On, Take Me for a Little While

Chris Dreja (1946): Guitar, Yardbirds
For Your Love, I’m a Man, Shapes of Things

Pat Daugherty (1947): Bass, Black Oak Arkansas
Jim Dandy to the Rescue, Memories at the Window

Jim Peterik (1950): keyboards, Survivor
Eye of the Tiger, Burning Heart

Paul Cowsill (1951): Singer, Cowsills
Hair, Indian Lake, The Rain the Park and Other Things

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