Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A fine guitarist, Barre none

When we recall our introduction to Jethro Tull it was all about the theatrical voice of Ian Anderson and the incredible flute that wafted through our college domicile on Badger Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  So strong was Anderson's presence it was easy to overlook the excellent guitar work on the album Aqualung. 

And yet there it is. Martin Barre, whose name rarely is mentioned in discussions about great rock guitarists, provided a memorable solo on "Aqualung" and has been with Anderson almost since the start, having replaced Mick Abrahams in the band way back in 1969. 

We thought, it being Barre's birthday and all, it was time to shine the spotlight on him.  Two other members of today's Birthday Band, Gordon Lightfoot and Gene Clark, have previously been covered.

Get a load of these November 17 babies:

Gordon Lightfoot (1938): Songwriter
Sundown, If You Could Read My Mind, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Gene Clark (1941-1991): Musician, The Byrds and New Christy Minstrels
Turn, Turn, Turn, She Don't Care About Time, Eight Miles High

Bob Gaudio (1942) Singer, Royal Teens and Four Seasons
Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk like a Man, Rag Doll

Martin Barre (1946): Guitar, Jethro Tull
Aqualung, Cross-Eyed Mary, Living in the Past

Ronnie DeVoe (1967): Singer, New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe
Gangsta, Do Me, Poison

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  1. I went to a Jethro Tull concert in St. Pete and a girl sitting next to me (a total stranger) bit my arm and wouldn't let go.

    I think she was on pot or something.

    I had bite marks on my arm for a week but I took a chance and didn't get rabies shots.