Sunday, March 8, 2009

They took my hour, I want it back

Good morning, it's an hour later than you think...

Lucinda Williams is really not happy at all when she growls about the loss of something dear on "Joy'' from her superb "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road'' album.

I don't want you anymore 'cause you took my joy
I don't want you anymore, you took my joy
You took my joy, I want it back
You took my joy, I want it back

And I feel that way each year when they steal an hour from us for Daylight Savings Time.  Do you really think the farmers back home are going to need that hour today, on March 8, to get their crops in the ground?  I know a few farmers who I bet are more hung over than me today.

(I had my first gulp of peppermint schnapps in the dairy barn of my schoolboy friend, Wally. We were celebrating his 12th birthday, and he knew where his old man stashed the hard stuff.)

Anyway, Lucinda goes to West Memphis and Slidell looking to reclaim her lost joy. And judging from the anger in her voice I think it's safe to say she doesn't find it in those places. Which is why my friend Robert and I are going to try a different approach today.

We'll be sitting in the left field bleacher seats at McKechnie Field, soaking up some Florida sun and waiting for that elusive foul ball.  And maybe we won't even notice that stolen hour.


  1. They didn't steal an hour, they just borrowed it. They'll pay you back later. But what about the people who die before that happens - will their lives be an hour shorter?

    Heavy stuff.

  2. I've always thought the hour thing was crazy, but with age I try pretty hard to let only major things bother me...doesn't always work, which is when I get out the Tangle Ridge. Smoothest and best Candadian Whiskey on the face of the planet, eh? Two fingers please.

    More and more I search out tunes to relax by and lately, even though it's been in the rack for about eight years, the CD of the month for me is Songcatcher. Many of my favorite country voices doing older bluegrass. Haunting lyrics, great musicians. The kind that makes you want to get out the mando a be a part of the group which goes over real well when your in bed and your wife is sleeping. But three or four Tangle Ridges will do that to a man. Do me a favor and listen. "Moonshiner," "Wind and Rain." It's like listening to an entire Iris Dement CD and ending up with a lump in your throat. Emotions run thin these days.

  3. Jimbo, I will give it a listen -- and I will definitely give Tangle Ridge a taste. (The rest you folks who might confuse ME as Jimbo, this is an old classmate of mine who is headed for one helluva hoedown this summer at the Trempealeau Hotel.)