Thursday, May 5, 2011

Synco de Mayo

We have referenced this song before, but you know what? It's Cinco de Mayo and we can't think of a better way to kick off the celebration.

You might reach for Los Lobos, and maybe we'll do that too.  But we start with Jeffrey Foucault, who is neither Mexican nor Chicano. Far from it. He's a homeboy from nearby Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. But when he sings about that Mexican joint in "Mesa, Arizona," where he's listening to a mariachi band on the juke box with an empty Corona, well, he might as well be somewhere south of the border. Will someone buy this man another beer?

We checked Foucault's tour schedule and this week he takes on the Netherlands, beginning tomorrow night at Sted. Concertgebouw in Leiden.  Ought to be a hoot. The Dutch know how to have a good time without shooting guns in the air. 

Wherever you are today, be careful out there. And if you're headed out for some authentic Mexican food and drinks, don't forget the words to one of our favorite drinking songs:

Una mas cerveza por favor senorita...

(Unless of course you're ordering more than one -- and your server is a senor.)

UPDATE: NPR just introduced us to Click below to hear the tapatio punk band Le Butcherettes performing "I'm Getting Sick of You" from their new album Sin Sin Sin.  Good stuff!

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