Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farewell to a Walker brother

His name wasn't Walker (it was John Maus). He didn't perform with brothers (it was Maus, Scott Engel and Gary Leeds). And the group went totally against the grain by finding success as Americans playing in the U.K. during the British Invasion.

None of this detracts from our admiration of the Walker Brothers, in particular the amazing voice of John Walker (aka Maus).  "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)" -- with its rich vocals and Spector-like sound -- easily ranks as one of the great songs of the era even if it ranked no higher than No. 13 on the Billboard's Hot 100 in 1966. It did top the chart in the U.K. where the lads enjoyed Beatlesesque popularity during their brief run.

We were sorry to hear of John Walker's passing over the weekend at age 67. We searched for a fitting video tribute and pretty much tapped out. The Walker Brothers' exceptional sound really did come from the studio and couldn't be replicated in live performances. See for yourself by clicking on this link:

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