Friday, December 17, 2010

Now ain't that some shit

This is 2010 (barely), so we hope we aren't offending anyone by mentioning Spin's top song of the year.  If we called it anything other than "Fuck You" we just wouldn't be accurate.  We could write "F**k You" but, again, we're two decades into the 21st Century.   It seems a bit naive.  The kids are singing it. We just hope mom doesn't read this.

Here's what Spin had to say about Cee Lo Green's song:

Appropriately, 2010's most memorable song first existed as a goofy Internet novelty. But due to its universal sentiment, Cee Lo's holy-rolling gusto, and the year's shit train of woes, it actually resonated: We're broke, we're pissed, and we wanna curse out anybody who acts like they've got the slightest inkling; or, we could just cue up this hilariously ebullient, timelessly soulful middle-finger salute, and go about our fucking business. Thanks, Preacher Green, you win.

Society is in such a steep decline and music is so marginalized that it doesn't even make us flinch to say we think the song is great and the video is hilarious.  It certainly will go down as memorable, by any definition of the term.

Now ain't that some shit.

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