Monday, December 20, 2010

Floats like a butterfly

For the next few days leading up to Christmas we're going to share video clips of some of our favorite artists, all of whom deserve to be household names but in fact are often working purposely to grow beyond relatively small niches.

We hope Greg Trooper isn't unfamiliar to you, but if he is you're in for a treat. We LOVE this song from Trooper's 2003 album Floating. It's called "Muhammad Ali (The Meaning of Christmas)" and it has everything and nothing to do with the holiday season.

We saw Trooper one night a few years ago at the Fogertyville Cafe in Bradenton, Florida, playing that very same Martin you see in the video.  There seemed to have been a special story about the guitar but it escapes us at this moment.  We will never forget the way his "songs and delivery grab you by the throat," as one critic described him.

One of Trooper's biggest fans is fellow roots songwriter Steve Earle, who mentions on the album's back cover that after hearing Trooper perform "Muhammad Ali" he went home immediately and learned the song himself.  High praise indeed.

Trooper has a new album scheduled for release in February. Go to his website for more information: http:///

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