Friday, October 29, 2010

The Color of Mole

Our friend Rick is now coloring his Holy Mole comic strip for some of his new clients.  At first we were skeptical, as when Ted Turner began to colorize classic black and white films.  As Orson Welles stated on his death bed, " Don't let Ted Turner deface my movie with his crayons."

Now Holy Mole is not Cititzen Cane, but after reviewing some samples we've decided that a splash of watercolor is not a bad deal. What do you think?


  1. Life is all ABOUT hues and shades and subtleties of color. Imagine Joni's Big Gray Taxi, Booker T's Black Onions or J.C. Mellencamp's Little Dark Houses? And without The Color Purple, how would we recognize Prince's Rain, Jimi's Haze or that one guy's People Eater? Of course there was The Doobie's Black Water, Led Zep's Black Dog and Johnny Cash, The Man in Black. Perhaps it's all really just a case of the world being a lighter shade of pale ... but that would leave us with ... the Gray Floyd?!?!

  2. Sweet. Just stay away from Casablanca,OK Rick?