Friday, February 13, 2009

You say you want a revolution

This morning the words of the great poet and spiritualist John Lennon are whispering in my ear:
“You say you want a revolution
Well, you know...
We all want to change the world”

A wonderful and enlightening comic strip you haven't yet seen (unless you pick up the Bradenton Herald, St. Pete Times or a couple of niche magazines) is drawn by Sarasota artist Rick Hotton, a karate instructor and math tutor who started doodling in the classroom a while back to lessen the boredom.

The result was Holy Mole, which offers a thoughtful message each day without being religious or preachy. Rick would like Holy Mole to change the world, one panel at a time, but there is a heavy burden attached to such a noble undertaking. And timing, well, timing is everything.

"I'm afraid I was born 200 years too late for martial arts, and 30 years too late for newpapers,'' laments Rick (who, by the way, has trained 48 black belt martial artists. That's like a baseball manager with 48 players in the Hall of Fame.) But I think Rick arrived at just the right time, and that's why I have joined the Holy Mole crusade.

There is great wisdom and spiritual energy in what Rick draws -- and the world could surely use a daily dose of that. The strip, featuring irresistible characters you will want to adopt like housepets, represents a place where high aspirations of existence intertwine with the practicality of everyday living. Click on the panel above for bigger impact, and check out other strips at

It may be true that newspapers are an almost impossible sell these days. Good heavens, they seem determined to kill themselves (starting with their Managing Editors). But there must be venues for Holy Mole, and we will find them, in papers, magazines, on websites, atop billboards or rooftops. And the world will become a better place, one panel at a time.

I have met devoted fans who plaster their refrigerators with Holy Mole strips and pass copies along to family and friends. Believe me when I say it's a beautiful thing.

Pass along the strip. Listen to the drumbeat. Join the revolution.

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