Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let there be Heathens

These Gibson acoustic guitars are sooooooo sweet we had to share this video with you.  (The dobro is pretty hot, too.)  If you're familiar with the Band of Heathens you know what we're talking about.  If this is your introduction, enjoy...

"Somebody Tell Me the Truth" is a song from 2009's One Foot in the Ether, the Heathens' second straight album to hit No. 1 on the Americana chart.  Now here's a taste of the songwriting from the opening track "L.A. County Blues:"

They got me on accessory
Thirty days in jail
One headlight in a Louisville night
Without a chance at bail
But I’ll be home by derby time
So please save me a seat
Mint Juleps on the outfield grass
The old south tastes so sweet 

We love it.  Listen to the music and learn more about the band, including info on their new album due out March 29, by clicking here.

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