Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Come around here some more

We're cursing ourselves for missing Tom Petty's tour stop at Summerfest. The Heartbreakers by all accounts are delivering the goods this summer in support of their new album Mojo, splicing in a handful of fresh songs as an "interlude" to the classic jam most fans come to hear.

We are often guilty of bemoaning the demise of rock 'n' roll and yet here in our midst we have practitioners of the highest order.  Seriously folks, is there a better rock band in America these days?

Any live show featuring the Heartbreakers is worth its weight in rock amperage, so see them this summer if you have the opportunity. If you're lucky you'll catch them with the Drive-By Truckers (ZZ Top opened in Milwaukee, and Crosby, Stills and Nash and My Morning Jacket are slated later in the tour.) 

Here's the set list from last Friday's sold-out show at the Marcus Amphitheater, which pretty much tracks other shows on the tour.  (Songs from Mojo are in italics; the Sanctuary's review of the disc is forthcoming):

Listen To Her Heart
You Don't Know How It Feels
I Won't Back Down
Free Fallin'
Oh Well
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Drivin' Down To Georgia
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Good Enough
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Learning To Fly
Don't Come Around Here No More

Runnin' Down A Dream
Mystic Eyes
American Girl


  1. I got Mojo, it's one of the best rock records I have heard in years.

    I think after the Mudcrutch record last year he got back in touch with his Floridaboy roots.

  2. Love Tom Petty, he has alot of great songs, but I especially like his "I won't back down" So many great music artists we have.......what would we do without music?????? I know I'd be sad......